Deckel Sportslids is a South African company that began in 2009 with the intention of developing a new manufacturing methodology for the production of large products currently made from fibreglass. The sector of primary interest for this new development was the automotive industry as the directors’ family has been involved in supplying vehicle manufacturers with components since 1972.


The company’s objective was to develop a process that would not only replace fibreglass but to also improve on the processing speeds, material properties, quality, consistency and recyclability of the finished article. To achieve these goals Deckel was given a SPii grant from the Industrial Development Corporation (I.D.C) a parastatal of the South African government. Deckel Sportslids achieved all its objectives and has now shifted to the commercialisation of this technology.


Deckel intends on leveraging its new process to supply the automotive sector with canopies and deck lids both of which are currently large fibreglass products.


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